Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect? To provide you with donation and requested information, we may ask for: your name and address, emails, and donation amounts. We do not request or save Social Security Numbers or any financial information.

How do we collect it?   We collect information through the Donate, Subscribe, and Contact Us interfaces

Why?  We need this information so that we can communicate with you as a user of the CRITCA website.

How is the information used?  The information is for internal use only to provide service to you.

Who has access to the information?   The webmaster and Treasurer are the only ones with access to information.

Do we share the information we collect?  No

If so, with whom and under what conditions?  No information is shared.

How long do we keep the information?  Indefinitely unless we receive a request to remove. This enables us to respond to information requests. If you would like your personal information permanently removed from our files please contact us.

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